To TH Hoops/Coach Hall,

"Coach Hall, you have had a significant impact on my son Nikyle at a time when he needed it, for that I'm so grateful. I want to thank you for the positive message you bring to the game of basketball. The way you motivate kids is truly a gift. The kids leave that gym truly feeling good about themselves and life. You have figured out how to use the game of basketball to teach kids about life and prepare them for this world. You've equipped my son with the tools to succeed on and off the court. For this I'm grateful to be a part of the TH Hoops family."  Jennifer Gould, mother of Nikyle Gould.
Jennifer Gould

"The finest human art is uplifting others, elevating them to a higher plane than your own," Winston Churchill

Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks so much for all your kindness and support you give to Makayla every game! You have no idea what it does to her self esteem and how much your kindness motivates her to practice more and to push a little harder every time!! We need more people like you and your wife in this world..... you truly are one of a kind and I truly appreciate you guys so much!

Mandy Liechty

Hey Coach Hall:

This is Cyrus Mehrfar from your sophomore and Junior Varsity teams at Corona Del Mar High School. I hope all is well with you Coach. I wanted to share this for a while.

Because of your determination and the effort you put in to us, I’m now attending UCLA and studying communications, Bobby Khalessi is at UC Irvine studying biomedical engineering, Kyle Hill is at University California San Diego studying business and Danny Moskovitz is attending Harvard.

You always stressed the great importance of hard-work on and off the court and from all of us, we wanted to express our sincere “THANK YOU COACH,” you are the best coach we ever had a truly you made a big difference in all of our lives.

We consistently look back at our sophomore and JV practices and think about all the hard work and good times. We wish you nothing but the best coach, “You inspired us all.”


Cyrus Mehrfar

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